Sage Codes

Number of Codes: 7
Cost: Love donations only
Time: Varies
Time Between: 1 Day
Where: Anywhere in the world

Acolyte Codes

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Earth Codes, 9 minutes

Earth Codes are designed to root your consciousness into your body as well as onto this planet. They do so by grounding the energy into your body. These codes assist you in coming to a deeper understanding of yourself and your purpose on this planet.

Water Codes, 21 minutes

Water Codes are designed to add a fluid like motion to your processing ability. They greatly increase the effectiveness of all energies as well as assist in clearing the emotional body of residue from your past, present, and future lifetimes.

Wind Codes, 18 minutes

Wind codes are designed to assist you in coming back to a more playful self as well as to heighten your senses and reclaim your power to be a creator.

Fire Codes, 37 minutes 

Fire Codes are designed to ignite your passion once more and awaken your inner light. They also assist in clearing blocks throughout your mental bodies in all past, present, and future lifetimes.

Aether Codes, 42 minutes

Aether Codes are designed to awaken your authentic self as well as aid in your expression and truth through your cosmic understanding.

Celestial Codes, 23 minutes

Celestial Codes are designed to awaken your dimensional sight and to assist you in developing your intuition and expand your awareness of source as well as connect you to your oversoul.

Universal Codes, 33 minutes

Universal Codes are designed to assist you with connecting to your grand portal as well as your universal self. This code also improves your access level of cosmic and universal wisdom and love.

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Becoming a Creator Code Facilitator

After receiving all Creator Codes and receiving the proper training, you may transmit this energy to others.

Requirements to transmit:

  • Receive and balance all Acolyte, Sage, and Creator Codes
  • Receive the proper training to transmit
  • Send codes to self before sending to another
  • 21 Day wait-time between your last received code and your first transmitted code