Frequently Asked Questions

What are activations?

Welcome to a world of infinite possibilities that fully supports your rapid conscious growth! All of these offerings are designed to help you speed your evolutionary process on all levels.

These activations will assist in activating and awakening everything within you to grow and expand with grace, ease, and efficiency. As the new world becomes your reality, these activations are a self-discovery course. There is little to no content required as these activations are always done with your highest personal good, highest personal joy, and are in alignment with your optimum potential. It is with the greatest joy these are offered. There is no limit or expected experience of what they can or can’t do for you, leaving all potential possibility open and available!

Each activation works as a spiral going in through your field bringing up and highlighting that which is no longer in alignment or service of the highest good. It goes into the body allowing the programs to be released, then over time establishes itself in the core to create a pulse to assist in maintaining that level of awareness and consciousness. This is all done with grace, ease, and efficiency. As such, there is no intended time for completion. All of these activations are permanent upgrades that stay with you for eternity and it may take several lifetimes to reach the completion of each one. They work based on your divine blueprint as to not overwhelm you and to assist you in reaching your most optimum state of being.

We have designed these so that no matter how old you are, what color you are, or how long you have been on your journey, you can receive them. Everyone is truly equal and it’s time we act that way! Every activation is given on love donations only so anyone can afford it.

Who is behind Activation Station?

A dedicated group of facilitators that are here in full service to their most authentic selves. They choose to share this opportunity with those that are ready.

How often can I receive activations?

Once you balance your activation with a love donation, you may receive your next one. Please only request one activation at a time.

Why are there different sets of activations?

Each set was designed for a sector of consciousness.

  • Wildfire – This is a series that is being added to as the earth expands and shifts. The intention for these activations are to be spread like Wildfire all over the earth and to create massive change. Once you receive a full set and have received the proper training, it is encouraged for you to share it with others and to train others in spreading this energy.
  • Series 1 – This is a series created to build the foundation for ascending 3rd dimensional reality. Once you receive the full series and have received the proper training, you may share this series of activations with others.
  • Creator Codes – These codes were created in Peru and were designed to open and activate your creator matrix. There are 3 levels as to allow integration into the physical vessel. Once you receive the full set of codes and have received the proper training, you may share these codes with others.
  • Support Codes – These codes were designed to support you in the lunar/solar cycles as well as support your ascension process.
  • Full Spectrum – These activations were designed to create a bridge across dimensional space to assist your journey and to create more grace and ease on the path forward.

What are the requirements for receiving an activation or code?

  • Wildfire – Various requirements to receive
  • Series 1 – Crimson, Turquoise, Crystalline, and the Elementals do not have requirements to receive. The remaining Series 1 activations do have requirements.
  • Creator Codes – All of the Acolyte codes must be received before Sage. All of the Sage codes must be received before Creator.
  • Support Codes – Require varying levels of Creator Codes
  • Full Spectrum – No requirements to receive

Why are there requirements to receive specific activations?

The journey is about stabilizing your foundation as you go along. Requirements ensure you are grounding in the necessary energy so that you have a stable place to grow and expand.

Should I go in a certain order?

There is no expected order (besides those that have requirements), however there is a recommended path for those that are looking for this support. This is the following:

  1. Crimson, in-tandem with receiving Wildfire activations
  2. Turquoise, in-tandem with receiving Wildfire activations
  3. Creator Codes, in-tandem with receiving Crystalline & selective Full Spectrum activations
  4. Remaining Series 1, in-tandem with receiving selective Full Spectrum activations & Support Codes

Side note: As you go along your journey, it is recommended to receive Wildfire activations as they are released into the world.

Crimson and Turquoise are recommended first as they establish a foundation in which to shift your world. Each of them may be shared with others after all of the activations in the set are received and you receive the proper training to transmit. The idea is that by offering and sharing Crimson and Turquoise with the world, you will have the support to move forward in your activation journey. The same goes for Wildfire activations as once you receive a full set and have received the proper training, you may transmit these to others.

You may also choose to have your activation facilitator intuit the next best activation for you.

How do I receive an activation?

Fill out the Request form and fill out the activation or code you are interested in receiving. Once you submit the form, an email will be sent to the Activation Station facilitators. A facilitator will then transmit the energy to you for you to receive in your own time and will then email you to provide further instruction in how to receive the energy.

After you receive the energy, it is highly recommended that you write a testimonial to ground in the energy. Then send your love donation via the paypal email address the facilitator sends to you.

What is a love donation?

A love donation is a monetary energetic exchange for the facilitator’s time in transmitting the energy to you. It is also you valuing the energy that you received.

It is recommended that you close your eyes, ask your heart for a number to balance the energy you received, enter this number in on the paypal form, and visualize it being sent in a pink bubble of love and gratitude.