Number of Activations: 3
Cost: Love donations only
Time: 83 minutes
Where: Anywhere in the world


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Ascension 1 is all about the fear of death which in turn is the fear of surrender to the unknown. It is designed to work with your highest high’s truth and to open the doors to your greatest good. In that moment as you awaken to a new fearless world and transcend into a peaceful place, the death experience is the letting go of trauma to awaken to truth.

Ascension 2, this is the death of the Ego in this empowerment. You awaken to the authentic self free from ego and begin to live your truth in a day to day basis. This is done with grace and ease and as such may take some time.

Ascension 3, the final death. This is the death of the 3rd dimensional form here. We will find we die and awaken to the 4th dimensional reality of unconditional love. It is here that true peace is known and we are slowly guided to a new home state.

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