Number of Activations: 3
Cost: Love donations only
Time: 15 Minutes
Where: Anywhere in the world


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Crimson was designed┬áso that everyone would be able to remember heaven as it was intended to be and has always been — a state of consciousness. We are on this earth to play and Crimson helps you to clear away the distractions from your life that are taking you away from remembering you are home and in heaven now and have always been. Crimson helps you to remember this as well as highlight the distractions that keep you from it on a day-to-day basis. The way this is accomplished is through a powerful energetic empowerment that helps to shake away the debris around and in your soul. It is done in three parts. Crimson one is mainly ancestral work, where Crimson two is planetary work, and finally Crimson three is cosmic. Crimson is designed so as anyone, no matter how rich or poor, can receive it as such there is no set fee or charge. It is done on love offerings. After three weeks of being a Crimson three as well as completing the necessary training you then have the ability to share this blessing with the earth. So if you feel called to experience this wonderful activation then feel free to contact a facilitator to┬ástart your journey of remembering heaven today =)

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Becoming a Crimson Facilitator

After receiving all 3 activations and receiving the proper training, you may transmit this energy to others.

Requirements to transmit:

  • Receive and balance all 3 Crimson activations
  • Re-send all 3 activations to yourself, with the proper training
  • Get “orbed” by sending all 3 activations to Crimson facilitators, with the proper training
  • 21 Day wait-time between your last received Crimson activation and your first transmitted activation