Number of Activations: 11
Cost: Love donations only
Time: 33 minutes
Where: Anywhere in the world


  • Pineal 2: Crystalline 3, Turquoise 3, Crimson 1
  • Pineal 3-6: Turquoise 4, Crimson 2
  • Pineal 7: Crimson 3, Silver 1, Gold 1
  • Pineal 8: Silver 2, Gold 2, Turquoise 5
  • Pineal 9: Silver 3, Gold 3, Turquoise 7
  • Pineal 10: Silver 7, Gold 7
  • Pineal 11: Platinum

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This is designed to open and activate the pineal gland with grace and ease to the physical vessel over time. It is a very intense shift in the way you perceive your reality and is life-altering. It is not for everyone but for those who are ready to come into their spiritual gifts and awaken to their personal truth and stand in their radiance. It is designed to be a gradual increase in the activity of the pineal gland so as to not unbalance you. It is designed to assist those who are truly ready to awaken.

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