Silent Sage

Number of Activations: 1
Cost: Love donations only
Time: 86 minutes
Where: Anywhere in the world


  • Silence 3
  • Platinum
  • Azure 3
  • Pineal 11
  • Oneness 10
  • Mastering Silence Course

Request Activation

This path is not for everyone, yet for those that are ready, this activation is incredible. If you know that you are 100% ready to stand up and be a way-shower for others and the new world then, we welcome you. You will also be given the ability to pass down all the Series 1 Activations. You will need to make an appointment to discuss this in further detail.

Becoming a Series 1 Facilitator

After receiving Silent Sage and receiving the proper training, you may transmit Series 1 Activations to others.

Requirements to transmit:

  • Receive and balance all Series 1 activations
  • Receive Azure 1, 2, & 3
  • Completion of Mastering Silence 6-week course
  • Training to transmit activations
  • 28 day wait time between receiving Silent Sage and transmitting your first Series 1 activation