Number of Activations: 7
Cost: Love donations only
Time: 11 Minutes
Where: Anywhere in the world


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Turquoise was created to update the bio-electrical field. As we grow we are constantly adapting to our environment. Usually we have plenty of time, but with the massive energies coming in from all over we are being asked to shift faster and faster. Turquoise is a simple shift in the bio-electrical field that will gradually open it to receive and process energy more efficiently. It is designed to do this over time, as to not be too intense of a shift. It is as always with the higher will and alignment as well as grace and ease to the physical vessel. If you feel called to expand your bio-electrical field to receive and process the new energies easy then feel free request this activation.

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Becoming a Turquoise Facilitator

After receiving all 7 activations and receiving the proper training, you may transmit this energy to others.

Requirements to transmit:

  • Receive and balance all 7 Turquoise activations
  • Re-send all 7 activations to yourself, with the proper training
  • Receive the proper training to transmit
  • 7 Day wait-time between your last received Turquoise activation and your first transmitted activation. If you have already been Crimson-orbed, you may transmit Turquoise immediately after re-sending all 7 activations to yourself.