Quantum Processor Updates

Number of Activations: 11
Cost: Love donations only
Time: 5 Minutes
Where: Anywhere in the world
To Facilitate: 3 Days

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Quantum Processor updates are designed to assist the cellular matrix to handle an overflow of information and data this is a key update designed for the time we are in now and will help a lot with the functionality of the physical form known as the body, as each update unlocks a faster ability to process the data and assists to strengthen the form, as we progress further and further up into the higher levels we find our body takes the brunt of it, this update will assist greatly in decreasing the strain on the body.

Becoming a Quantum Processor Updates Facilitator

After receiving all 11 activations and receiving the proper training, you may transmit this energy to others.

Requirements to transmit:

  • Receive and balance all 11 Quantum Processor Update activations
  • Receive the proper training to transmit
  • Send activations to self before sending to another
  • 3 Day wait-time between your last received Quantum Processor Update activation and your first transmitted activation